Massage Services in San Diego

Become royalty for the day at Spa Kingston with our relaxing massage services. Browse our massage services below and save 20% when you purchase a package of 5!

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Romantic | Soothing | Lavish

Indulge in our luxurious, side-by-side signature massage to relax with your partner or a good friend. Each person receives their choice of champagne, fruit infused water or organic, custom blends of herbal tea and chocolate truffles. The service begins with a rose petal foot bath and personalized aromatherapy, which is then followed with a soothing massage using long, relaxing strokes.

60 Minutes – $200 / 90 Minutes –$300 / 120 Minutes – $400

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Corrective | Focused Revitalizing

Knots no more! This concentrated massage uses firmer pressure and slow strokes to focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue to rehabilitate your body, revitalize your muscles and reduce stress and anxiety. The Spa Kingston Deep Tissue Massage is very beneficial for chronic pain, arthritis symptoms, postural problems and recovery from injuries. The deep pressure of this massage is even proven to break up scar tissue.

60 Minutes – $100 / 90 Minutes – $150 / 120 Minutes – $200


Customizable | Invigorating | Therapeutic

Our reflexology treatment begins with a warm rose petal foot soak and  consultation about your health and lifestyle. This information is thoughtfully assessed by your therapist in order to customize the therapy. The reflex areas on the feet are energetically connected to specific organs and body parts through channels in the body. By applying  pressure to reflex areas, our reflexologists remove energy blockages and promote health in the connected body area.

30 Minutes – $60

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Energizing | Universal | Restorative

Discover the Japanese healing art of Reiki for a much-needed energy release throughout your body. This unique experience allows your therapist to use a combination of hand positions to channel energy blockage and clear your central energy centers. The results are a full  release of stored energy and tension. Treat your body and mind to this experience to bring peace into your life.

60 Minutes - $100

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Luxurious | Calming | Rejuvenating

Float away with our full-body, relaxing massage to enhance your well-being. Customize your pressure, modality and aromatherapy oil of choice for a fully personalized massage. Before your service, you will have the opportunity to share any concerns or individual health goals with your therapist in order to create a service that meets all of your needs. 

45 Minutes – $75 / 60 Minutes – $90 / 90 Minutes – $135 / 120 Minutes – $180

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Healing | Deep | Targeted

Achieve optimal athletic performance! This massage is geared towards athletes and our active guests who place more stress on their bodies. Enjoy this targeted massage treatment that uses deep, focused techniques to reduce muscle tension and inflammation. This treatment aids in muscle recovery and will help to increase your range of motion and flexibility, relieve soreness and helps the body avoid injuries.

60 Minutes – $125 / 90 Minutes – $165


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