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Luxurious | Calming | Rejuvenating

This divine massage harnesses the power of precious gemstones to restore the mind & body.
Your therapist will educate you on the crystals we offer in our treatment room & you will pick one to hold throughout your service to set the intention of your service.
You will leave feeling luminous, centered, and completely revitalized.

60 Minutes - $100 (Reg $150)

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April Showers Product Package!

Epicuren Body Lave, Spa Kingston Exfoliating Shower Gloves, & Vitruvi Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil!

$30 (Reg $45)


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Military members always receive 10% off all services!

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Energetic | Hydrating | Aromatherapy

This divine facial harnesses the power of precious gemstones to restore the mind and body and rejuvenate the skin. The result is visibly lifted, revitalized, and luminous skin! This luxurious skin therapy activates radiance from within using micro-crystal exfoliation, multiple masks, and custom-tailored serums. You will receive intentional massages with exquisite aromatherapy oils, bringing the body into a state of complete tranquility.

75 Minutes - $150 (Reg $175)


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April Facial Benefit | Jade & Rose Quartz Gua Sha ($20 value)
April Body Benefit | CBD Infusion ($30 value)

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