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We believe the key to success is diligence, communication and dedication.
Our system works by taking into account:


Your Skin Type

Everyone's skin is different. Our acne specialists will analyze your skin and create a custom plan for you.

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Your Acne Type

Did you know that there are more than 8 types of acne? With our team, you'll leave confident and ready to achieve radiant, clear skin.


Your Skin Condition

Our Acne Specialists always test your skin before giving you a home care regimen. Our Acne Specialists assess your skin condition every time you come in for a treatment. If your skin is irritated and dry from product use, then we will adjust your routine for just a few days. Most importantly, we coach you on how to use your products.


How Fast Your Skin Adapts To Products

Our Acne Specialists give you the strongest home care products that your skin can tolerate. These products are specifically chosen for the type of acne that you have. Products that are too strong will cause your skin to become irritated, dry, and still break out—not a good scenario.


Lifestyle Changes

One of the most important aspects of our system is our ability to coach you as your skin adapts. This way, your skin never becomes too accustom to your home care routine. You'll leave Spa Kingston fully educated on what lifestyle choices to make to ensure you have clear skin.


Home Care

Our team will guide you on your home care routine, what products to use, what foods to eat and what supplements to take. You will leave with the tools you need to take the steps necessary to clear your skin.


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