Get Your Skin “Spring Ready” With These Tips


The weather is warming up and all we have been thinking about is getting our summer tan on and leaving the office early. But… the only thing holding us back is the guilty thought of wrinkles and leathery skin in our later years. How can we have it all??

Being a San Diego Day Spa, Spa Kingston’s aesthetician Laura Gonzales addresses a lot of skin issues throughout the year. A common issue around this time of year is neglected sun-kissed skin. Laura says she sees skin that is, “dehydrated, congested, sensitive, and extremely dry.” So what do we do now?

Personally, I am always out in the sun, either running, or walking through the farmer’s market, or just drinking wine on the patio. Laura noticed one commonality…I was out in the sun during peak hours (meaning from 10am-3pm), which then lead to significant hyper pigmentation – aka freckles for days. After having assessed my skin she recommended a few things to change up:

1 – Avoid the sun during peak hours

  • Embrace that sunrise or sunset run (Sounds lovely)!
  • When I do go out during peak hour I make sure to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated and a ball cap in the back seat just in case!

2 – Use the SPF on-the-go

  • Spa Kingston’s Colorscience mineral SPF brush is now my go to product. It literally goes everywhere with me. Brush it on my hands when I am driving home from work or throw it on when decide to hit the beach spontaneously

3 – Add an antioxidant to your skin regimen

  • Laura recommended that I add an antioxidant to my daily skin regimen right before I throw on my SPF from Face Reality. I use the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Serum… I am this products #1 Fan! Not only does it protect me from the sun, it protects me from pollution, smoke, and other city-life factors.

Spring always gets me so sun-happy and active outdoors and my hyper pigmentation gets out of control. After my consultation with Laura, I now can find that happy medium and embrace my wine on my patio without sacrificing my healthy skin.

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