How the Founder of Spa Kingston Created a Skin Care Spa Fit for Royalty


Spa Kingston founder, Reneé Maya, is more than just your ordinary small business owner — her drive and passion for changing people's lives are what drew her to opening up her successful San Diego skin care spa. After battling multiple skin issues that went unchanged with various dermatological interventions, she finally found relief after a life-changing experience with an aesthetician.

After seeing how much clear, glowing skin boosted her confidence and realizing how effective client-specific regimens are in treating chronic skin conditions, she realized she wanted to help others put their best face forward too. Her motivation as the creator of Spa Kingston was to create an environment and experience tailored to each of her guests’ needs and goals. She truly believes that with the right tools, everybody can be truly happy in their own skin. 

This week, we sat down with Reneé to learn more about her journey with Booker and her highly-sought out skin care spa.