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We are so proud to announce that Spa Kingston is now officially a Green Paperless Business! For the past year we have been making adjustments to progressively become more environmentally conscious and minimize our waste. We were evaluated by the San Diego Green Business Network and now we are saving money, saving energy and becoming green leaders by nominating other local, small businesses to get evaluated and implement green changes!


What Spa Kingston Has Done to Become Green:

  1. MINIMIZE PAPER USAGE - We have transferred all of our consultation intake forms and membership paperwork on to iPads we utilize in the spa!

  2. RECYCLED, RECYCLABLE or REUSABLE MATERIALS - We carry eco-conscious product lines that have recyclable product packaging and green facilities! On the smaller scale, we use glass water and tea cups for our guests, use cloth hand towels in our bathrooms and since we do not provide any single use plates or silverware, all of our employees bring their own hand washable food containers to work!

  3. LED LIGHTING - We have opted for LED bulbs in all of our light fixtures!


5 Steps to Make Your Business Green:

  1. EVALUATE - Ask the Green Business Network to connect you with a professional who can evaluate your energy and water usage and waste generation

    1. Get in contact with the Green Business Network by emailing david@usgbc-sd.org

  2. IDENTIFY - Work with an assessor to identify water, waste and energy saving options for your business

  3. APPLY + SAVE - Take advantage of rebates, customized incentives and financing programs to help cover the costs of your upgrades and initiatives

  4. IMPLEMENT - Connect with your pre-approved professionals to carry out your upgrades and initiatives

  5. MONITOR + MAXIMIZE - Get the most out of your upgrades by monitoring and optimizing your energy and water usage and waste generation!


Ways to Become More Green At Home:

  1. REDUCE WASTE - Avoid using any single use plastics! If you are a straw lover - purchase glass or silicone reusable straws! Also, skip the bottled water and use a reusable water bottle on the go and glass cups at home!

  2. REUSABLE GROCERY + PRODUCE BAGS - Don’t opt for paper or plastic in the store! Use reusable grocery and produce bags to minimize excess waste.

  3. USE CLOTH, NOT PAPER - Use cloth napkins at the dinner table and cloths to clean your home instead of paper towels or wipes!

Shop Our Favorite Green Products! (did we mention that they can be sent right to your doorstep):

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