How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

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Hello, 2018! We have been waiting for you… 

With the first week of 2018 officially coming to a close, we felt it was absolutely necessary to keep that “New year, New ME” momentum going.

There’s something tangible in the air around January that invites us to look back upon the previous year and set intentions for all that we wish to achieve in the year ahead. However, what we’ve found is that these so-called resolutions often end up being forgotten or ignored only weeks down the road. 

The problem with resolutions is that they tend to be grandeur gestures of radical change in life asking us to stretch far too thin from what we are used to, so today we’re going to look at our three favorite tips for setting new year’s resolutions and actually keeping them.

Let’s get started…

When it comes to setting intentions for the new year, it is important that we set SMART goals.

That is something that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Focused, and Time-Bound. This lays down the framework for detailing the steps in which we need to take to get there.

For example, we’ll look at two different goals:

Resolution #1 – I want to lose weight

Yes, this is a great goal to have, but how do we quantify this? Do you want to lose 5 pounds or 50? When do you want to lose this weight by? Are you going to get a gym membership or change your diet?

The less specific you are, the harder it will be to keep your new year’s resolution.

So, let’s try that again:

Resolution #2 – I want to lose 10 pounds by my wedding in July

Do you see how much clearer it is when you have a specific timeline that is results-focused? From here, you can start looking online at different weight loss routines that would get you to your goal by July – or sooner!

After you’ve set your SMART goals, it is important to visualize yourself achieving them.

If you can see it in your mind, then why wouldn’t you be able to achieve your goals? That is why we are huge fans of vision boarding. Besides being ridiculously fun to flip through magazines and cut out your favorite images and sayings, vision boards are a powerful way to manifest all that you desire.

Never created a vision board before? We’ve got you covered.

On Thursday, January 25th from 5-8pm, we’ll be hosting our first ever vision boarding event with special guest Ava of Kicking Asana to help guide you through mapping out your best year yet. In addition to vision boarding, we’ll also be ensuring you are super relaxed from one complimentary 15 minute deep tissue or signature massage. The cost for the event is $40 which includes all supplies (magazines, cork board, pins, tape), one 15 minute massage treatment, bottomless bubbly, and light bites. To RSVP for Massages & Manifestations (cute, right?) click here.

Okay, the goals are set and the vision board is complete, now it’s time to treat yo’self.

Possibly our favorite part of the process, treating yourself after accomplishing your goals gives you so much momentum to go after it. Whether you treat yourself to a vacation, a new bikini, or a spa day at Spa Kingston, be sure to recognize the hard work you do – you’ve earned it!

We’d love to hear: What are your favorite ways of keeping your new year’s resolutions? Leave a comment on the blog below for a chance to win a spot at Massages + Manifestations on January 25th!

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