Summer is all about spontaneity; beach days, road trips + overseas adventures. But honey, you don’t have to let your skin suffer! We have created a guide of our favorite tips + tricks to make sure you still have a glow even when you are on-the-go!


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to mask on the plane.

Keeping your skin hydrated and full of nutrients is a must. We are obsessed with the Skinceuticals Biocellulose Restorative Mask for the plane because it is designed specifically to cool, soothe and replenish dehydrated skin.

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Tip #2: Fill your carry-on with your travel-sized essentials.

According to TSA, any liquid carry-on items must be 3.4 ounces or less. Stocking your carry-on with your TSA-approved go-to’s can be a breeze at Spa Kingston because our best-selling moisturizer is only 2 ounces and is extremely hydrating and refreshing for on-flight application! The Epicuren Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream is a potent moisture restorer with an uplifting citrus aroma to keep you feeling and looking luminous and vibrant.

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Tip #3: Drink plenty of water.

Flying conditions are moisture-free so being on an airplane (and travel in general) is very drying for the skin. It’s extremely important for the health of your skin cells to drink a ton of water so your skin does not become dull and lifeless!



Tip #1: Put sunscreen on your hands.

PSA: You still get UV exposure when you are in the car! Your hands are constantly in the sun when you are driving so to avoid premature aging on your hands it is important to bring your sunscreen along for the ride! By applying an extra layer to the tops of your hands before you drive, your hands will stay wrinkle-free for much longer.

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Tip #2: Mist, mist, mist.

This is a great way to stay lively and revived on long road trips! We can’t stop spraying the Epicuren Protein Mist Enzyme Toner; it’s like a drink of water for the skin. It contains collagen amino acids, aloe, biotin and citrus extracts to balances your skin’s pH levels while also hydrating + refreshing your skin!

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Tip #1: Pack a picnic of hydrating foods!

Did you know you can eat for hydration? Foods like cucumbers, watermelon, pineapple, celery, tomatoes, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe, oranges and lettuce are all packed with skin-saving moisture and nutrients. Not to mention they are super easy to pack up in a mini-cooler!

Tip #2: Your lips need love too.

So you’ve already packed your body sunscreen but how are you going to protect and re-hydrate your lips throughout the day? The Epicuren Anti-Aging Lip Balm is a 3-in-1 product because not only does it has SPF 15 for protection but is also anti-aging and a wonderful moisturizer. Goodbye chapped lips!

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Tip #3: Use an SPF Brush for easy-peasy re-application (and a dust of color)!

You’re already done your makeup for your day trip but you still need to re-apply your spf! Opt for the Colorscience SPF30 Loose Mineral Brush to make sun protection hassle-free! Powered by EnviroScreen™ Technology, this all-powerful, all-mineral skin shield provides total protection in one convenient, on-the-go application—alone or over makeup.

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