Stimulating | Refreshing | Alleviating

The Anti-Stress Arnica Treatment begins with an invigorating Mint & White Sand body microdermabrasion polish. This experience continues with a stimulating Arnica Cream, liniment rub and sports style massage. This treatment targets sore muscles and melts away the mental tension and stress of the day.
*Members pay $15 with their benefit.

75 Minutes - $150


Soothing | Brightening | Smoothing

The Blissful Mint Body Glow engulfs you in relaxation from the very beginning. This renewing body treatment begins with a refreshing White Sand Mint body scrub to provide a full body, gentle exfoliation. Your newly glowing skin will be soft and smooth after finishing with a soothing massage using the silky Tahitian Vanilla After Bath moisturizer.
*Members pay $15 with their benefit.

75 Minutes - $150


Tightening | Hydrating | Nourishing

This treatment begins with an application of the Noni Herbal Elixir, known for its astounding healing and tightening characteristics. After you relax in the body cocoon, you are hydrated and nourished with a warm coconut milk body massage. This amazing treatment will leave you with a healthy, tropical glow.
*Members pay $15 with their benefit.

75 Minutes - $125


Relieve Pain | Lower Blood Pressure | Boost Circulation

Lay under our LightStim LED Panel for 20 minutes and feel transported to a tropical island! Our panel can be targeted to areas of concern/pain to active the lymphatic system, increase blood flow, restore damaged tissues and reduce depression and fatigue.

20 Minutes - $40 | 40 Minutes - $60


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