SK Spotlight: Meet Reneé Maya


Hello, Royals! Thanks so much for tuning into my first blog post! Everyone has been requesting me to do this and I guess it took Lauryn with The Skinny Confidential for the push! Thanks, Lauryn! 

I am so grateful to have so much support especially from the Spa Kingston Team and you royal guests! I am excited to start sharing my knowledge with everyone. When you are in the skincare industry and know a wide range, it can be challenging to know what to share and what others may be curious or uneducated about. With this said, we are going to be starting our own podcast and will be doing a question and answer blog with yours truly, weekly. So excited to share fun tricks, tips, treatments, procedures, and all about beauty with everyone!

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Today I want to start by sharing my experience with Lauryn and Michael of The Skinny Confidential, as they are huge motivators in creating this blog and podcast but they also inspire me greatly with their work ethic, innovativeness, and especially how real and genuine they are. It was such a pleasure doing the podcast with them and getting to know them during the filming along with performing services on them. They have continued to come back for treatments every two weeks and I have gotten to know them on a personal level and it is extremely refreshing to know people who are genuinely wanting to help and inspire others on a real level. Thank you again for everything!

Lauryn and Michael had questions that I am sure numerous followers are interested in knowing about. First I want to introduce myself in the skincare world so you can get an idea why I am someone you should probably listen to 

I will try to make this short, but goodness, I have a lot to share:

I am originally from a small town in Michigan called Eaton Rapids, graduating with a total of 100 people in my class. I then went to college initially to pursue pharmacy. I was 18 and had begun getting deep cystic acne. I went to an Aesthetician and instantly became intrigued by her knowledge, thorough consultation, and the beautiful space her and the doctor she worked for shared. She was very knowledgeable in the skin and assisted me in clearing most of the deep embedded cystic acne I had in just a few chemical peels and a change of home care.

At this point, I was intrigued and wanted to do this for other people and to learn more and more. She shared with me information on how to get started and I did! I went to Douglas J Aveda Institute for Esthiology and after an intense program, I became an Aesthetician. I then worked for Douglas J for a brief time because I absolutely loved the school, customer service ethic, knowledge, continuing education, and professionalism they offered. After learning and excelling exponentially there, I decided I wanted to learn more and grow. In Michigan in 2002 Aestheticians were allowed to assist the doctor, perform IPL, Laser Hair Removal, and other laser and medical services. I interviewed at a very prestigious office and got hired on the spot. Here I learned the Starlux Laser machine, and started performing IPL, Laser Hair Removal, Vascular removal, and assisted the doctor with surgery and c02 laser debridements. I learned and grew in my career and again wanted to grow more.

The doctor I worked for retired and I moved to San Diego in 2008. At this time, I worked as a patient coordinator and Aesthetician and grew my following and the clinic. I then decided I had the knowledge and expertise to open my own space. In 2011 I opened my Spa. I had been still suffering from acne myself. Not because I wasn’t taking care of my skin but because I didn’t have the knowledge I thank G-d every day that I have now. I found Face Reality Acne Clinic in 2012. This skincare company has over 30 years of research working with the top researchers and doctors and even the makers of Retin-a.

As a certified Acne Clinic, we get to utilize and continue to grow with them and have access to priceless knowledge that works not only to heal the worst acne you have ever seen but also keeping skin clear with a very customized and holistic approach. With this knowledge and being certified, I grew my business even more and became a very valuable skin care expert in the San Diego Area. I was the first one to carry this brand to start healing those suffering from acne. I educate my staff and have inspired other Aestheticians to gain more knowledge about acne than they could have ever imagined. My vision and goal are to have created Spa Kingston to not only be a space for total body healing, relaxation, and zen but a place to offer knowledge, assist guests with their skin care goals, and really educate people in a holistic approach to be happy in the skin they’re in!

Next week, we are going to dive in to answer some questions people have been dying to know more about! Thanks for getting to know my expertise, my vision, and ME. I hope you subscribe and follow us for more!

Xoxo Renée

The above post is a snippet of Reneé’s interview with The Skinny Confidential. To listen to the entire interview on their podcast, press play below: