The Truth About Pore Strips


We all know that pore strips have the reputation of being affordable, convenient, and great for getting rid of blackheads instantly. The affordability and convenience of pore strips definitely are a plus for those trying to save money, but in the long run you will see that they don’t work.

How do pore strips work?

Pore strips are used by wetting a strip of fabric with a special adhesive and applying it to the nose. It then forms a bond with any blackheads. When you remove the strip, the blackheads are supposed to be pulled out of the skin and removed with the strip.

So why don’t pore strips work?

The surface of the blackhead is not usually uneven with the surrounding skin. The pore strip cannot adhere to the blackhead if it is actually below the skin. Therefore, it can’t be pulled out.

Even though blackheads seem like they would be pretty solid, most are not. Most blackheads are oily in texture, so even if you can remove the top oxidized portion of the blackhead, the pore still contains the rest of the oil and sebum. This means that in a matter of days, you will just have a new blackhead.

If the blackhead is, in fact, a solid blackhead that could adhere to a pore strip, I promise you that it is not going to come out by yanking something off your nose. If anything you are pulling the facial hair off.
Pore strips can damage skin as well. They can increase the size of the pore and even damage skin and create broken capillaries along with making the skin vulnerable to dirt and Debris.

What should you do instead of using Pore Strips?

Some people believe that they see something on the other side of the pore strip after they’ve removed it, but most of that will be hair. And even if you did get a clog, there is still more debris in the pore. Pore strips just irritate skin and make it more sensitized after ripping the strip off. The only way to truly get pores clear is to get manual extractions and a facial. Save the money you’d spend on pore strips and invest in a facial.

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