Spring Cleaning - SK Style!

spring cleaning

It’s a beautiful time of year! The sun is FINALLY shining, we’ve officially welcomed the spring season, everyone has binged watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, and we’re ready for some serious spring cleaning!
This week’s blog post is a two-part series that will first outline some tips & tricks to tackle your overall household spring cleaning and then we’ll follow up later this week with a post that will help you tidy & freshen up your beauty products, so you can celebrate the warmer weather with a fresh clean slate! Let’s jump right in!  

1. Set A Schedule

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a big tedious task that takes all weekend (trust us, we’d rather be visiting the Super Bloom too!) if you establish and stick to a cleaning schedule. We like to identify the areas of our home that normally get skipped in routine cleanings (looking at you base boards!) and start there. From there, we make a list breaking up the cleaning tasks we’d like to accomplish and set a weekly schedule. We cross off a few projects each week in April and by the end of the month, we’re in a top to bottom freshly cleaned home!

2. The Clutter Has Got To Go!

If you didn’t purge all your too small jeans and Tupperware lids with no matching mate during the Marie Kondo craze, make sure you don’t skip this step in spring cleaning. It’s not always about cleaning sprays and wiping surfaces, spring cleaning is a great time to clear out some of the unnecessary clutter in your home as well. Not only will you feel accomplished but after removing excess clutter from your home, you’ll probably be more efficient and organized overall. Did you know that clutter actually has a psychological influence on us? It signals to our brain that tasks are incomplete and work is not done which can take a toll on our stress levels. Kick clutter to the curb and relax in your newly Zen home!

3. Don’t Skip On The Help
Spring cleaning is a great time to make sure you’ve replaced your air filters, water filters, energy efficient lightbulbs, etc. We love making sure that we have the right partners to keep our home healthy and clean. One non-negotiable for us is a HEPA vacuum. They trap and remove dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens, and other household particles including ones you can’t even see! We also make sure to replace our HVAC air filter which can build up with dust and other irritating particles throughout the winter. You can start with a basic air filter or even update to a version that helps filter out allergens to make sure you’re welcome spring with fresh, clean, and healthy air throughout your home.

Having the right tools in place makes it easy to clean ceiling fans, couches, pillows, and more, keeping your family healthy all year long.

4. Think About Going Green
To really start spring off on a clean note, don’t expose yourself to unnecessary chemicals or toxins.  If you’ve been toying around with the idea of swapping conventional cleaners for environmentally friendly, chemical free, or non-toxic products, now is a great time.
We personally love the combination of distilled white vinegar, baking soda, and water. This powerful combination is affordable, non-toxic, and great for cleaning both hard surfaces and fabrics alike. We also love to pull out our steam cleaner for some serious upholstery cleaning but did you know that you can also use your steam cleaner to clean tile, hard floor surfaces, and kitchen appliances like your microwave? No hard chemicals and since steam cleaners only use hot water vapor, they’re 100% natural which is something we LOVE!

5. Have Some Fun & Freshen Up Your Space!
If you need some motivation to get down to the nitty & gritty cleaning, once you’ve completed cleaning your space, celebrate with some refreshing décor! With a few small changes you can say goodbye to dark winter space and lighten up any room in preparation of sunnier skies and longer days. A few inexpensive touches from pillows to new bedding or even new towels or table linens can really make an impact!

There you have it! Hopefully our tips & tricks have inspired you to get started on your own spring cleaning! We’d love to hear your favorite cleaning hack or how you tackle spring cleaning. Leave us your best suggestion in the comments below and be sure to come back and check out the second part of our series later this week!