Pregnancy Safe Spa Services

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we thought this would be a great time to dedicate a blog post to all of our mamas-to-be!
At Spa Kingston, we love to pamper all mothers, including expectant mothers, but there are a few precautions to take before enjoying a relaxation. We always recommend all expecting guests double check with their doctor before indulging in any spa treatments. We also kindly ask that all guests have completed their first trimester before treating themselves to some well earned self care!

Now let’s look at some great pregnancy safe spa treatments:

Pregnancy Massage

Our prenatal massage services make use of supportive pillows and body placements specially designed for an expecting mother’s body. Prenatal massages also stimulate circulation, can optimize blood flow back to the uterus and placenta, ease swelling in the legs and feet, improve digestion, ease back aches and muscle pain, and generally elevate your overall mood!

Facial Royale

Our Facial Royale is a great solution for someone struggling to get that “pregnancy glow”. Changing hormone levels can cause a variety of skin issues that our aestheticians are trained to treat with a variety of pregnancy safe products. Interested in some of our specialty facial services? Our Supernova Facial can be modified to be pregnancy friendly by excluding the peel. Our 24K Gold Caviar Facial is also a great pregnancy facial for someone looking for that special treat!

Energy Massage

Since pregnancy is often described as a spiritual life experience, it only makes sense that a Reiki style Energy Massage would be an appropriate service for those expecting. Moms-to-be will channel their positive energy and release energy blockages in the body during this service resulting in a relaxed and tranquil state for both mom & baby.

LightStim LED Therapy

This FDA cleared medical device treats and reduces fine lines and wrinkles and is pregnancy safe. LightStim utilizes multiple wavelengths of amber, red, and infrared LEDs to penetrate the top layer of skin. LED Therapy is not only great for facial fine lines & wrinkles but can also be used as a body enhancement to alleviate muscle pain and aid in recovery. We also sell the LightStim take home device for those looking for enhance their at-home skincare routine.

While we know everyone loves a little good self care we can’t think of a more deserving time for some rest & relaxation that when you’re pregnant. We’d be honored to treat you mamas-to-be; see you at the spa!