Expired Beauty Products?!

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Earlier this year we wrote a two-part blog series covering some spring cleaning tips for both your household and your beauty products and received some feedback that you’d love if we went into more detail about how to really deep clean your beauty stash and tell if a product needs to be tossed out, so without further delay, here you go!

As we transition into warmer weather, you’ll probably find yourself gravitating to lighter weight beauty products. Some may be new purchases or some may have been put away for the winter.  How do you know the summer products you put away at the start of fall and cooler weather last year are still good? Fret no more, we have all your answers organized by product type.


This is an easy one. If your favorite fragrance now has a surprisingly different fragrance – it’s time to toss it out. Same thing goes for color, if you’re clear and bright spritzer is now looking a little murky and discolored, it’s best to replace. When storing your perfumes for the next season, be sure to keep them stores away in a cool area that doesn’t receive any direct sunlight. Humidity, evaporation, and direct sun can all break down fragrance molecules making your favorite scent… well, not so favorite anymore.


The rule of thumb to prevent bacteria growth and unnecessary (and damaging!) eye infections is to toss every three months. Aim to replace your mascara with the start of each new season.

Eye Liners and Eye Shadows

Pencil eyeliners and powder shadow pallets last up to two years if they’re taken care of. This includes using clean brushes (like we detailed here) and using rubbing alcohol & a tissue to clean surfaces after use by someone else or if a product opens (or loses its lid) in your makeup bag. Even if it hasn’t been two years, any dried up products or shades that have started to change color or lose pigment should be tossed out.


Much like eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, and your lip liners are good for up to two years as well. We recommend combing through your supply and placing any dark winter shades into storage for the year while celebrating pulling out your fun corals and brightly pigmented shades for spring & summer! Don’t forget, the same storage rules that apply to perfume also apply to lip products; keep them out of heat and sunlight for best results!

Concealer and Foundation

Pressed powders (like these beauties from glo beauty) are good for up to two years (are you seeing a trend here?) but their liquid counterparts should be replaced twice a year. The warning signs of old foundation are easy to detect; you’ll probably notice a change in scent, the color might be slightly off, or they’ll start to dry up. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make sure that you have the correct shade or to even switch over to a tinted moisturizer like our best-selling glo beauty tinted moisturizer.

Thanks for reading along royals and be sure to let us know in the comments if you ever have a suggestion for a future blog post!

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