5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best This Fall!

While there are parts of the US already seeing their first snowfall of the year, we all know that here in San Diego we never really fully say goodbye to warm weather. Although our change of seasons may not be as drastic as some parts of the country, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare your skin for drier and chiller times!

In today’s blog post, we’ll review 5 ways to get ready for perfectly glowing fall skin!

Don’t Stop Wearing Your Sunscreen
In Southern California, we get more than our fair share of sun exposure. While we’re sure you never leave the house without your SPF, fact of the matter is sun exposure depletes collagen, even during fall or winter months. Collagen is what supports & connects our tissues keeping skin firm and tight so definitely don’t skip on the SPF!
We recommend Face Reality Sunscreen or Epicuren’s Non Pore Clogging Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen.

Don’t Skip The Exfoliation!
If you’re noticing duller skin from a summer season of outdoor activities, you might realize that your favorite moisturizer just doesn’t seem to be doing the job anymore. Not to fret! You simply need to exfoliate to remove the dry, dead skin cells from your skin’s surface to reveal smooth skin ready for optimal absorption of products!
We love Face Reality’s Antioxidant Scrub or Cosmedix’s Refine Refinishing Treatment.

Keep Lips Plump & Hydrated
Our LonVitalite Collagen & Gold Lip Masks help replenish your lips with natural collagen to leave them hydrated, luscious, and plump! The collagen penetrates and moisturises the lips and surrounding area by accelerating blood circulation, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Incorporate Supplements Into Your Skincare Routine
Healthy skin starts from the inside! Focus on skin (and whole body!) repair & renewal during the changing of the seasons. From probiotics to Vitamin D, we have a full range of supplements available to keep your body performing like it should!

Schedule an Appointment at Spa Kingston!
Take some time for yourself and visit our skilled aestheticians who can provide you with exactly the products & services you need to keep your skin looking its best! Take advantage of November specials like our Pomegranate Peel & Microdermabrasion or our Warm Chai Mud Massage!

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