Listen Up Gents, This One's For You!

San Diego Man at Spa

Listen up gents; today’s blog post is all for YOU!

Here at Spa Kingston, we know that skin & overall body care services are not just for our female friends. We offer a variety of services custom tailored for all our gentlemen guests so today we’re rounding up & recapping some of our favorites:

Our most popular men’s facial, The Gentlemen Facial, is the perfect self care for the modern man! The Gentleman's Facial is tailored specifically for our male clients’ skin care needs by helping counteract aging, removing pore-clogging buildup, and providing soothing effects for shaving areas. This treatment uses a personally selected cleanser, exfoliate, and mask to leave the face refreshed, toned, and vibrant for weeks.

Did you know that we also offer Sports Massage? This massage is geared towards athletes and our active guests who place more stress on their bodies. This targeted massage treatment uses deep, focused techniques to reduce muscle tension and inflammation, aiding in muscle recovery and can even help to increase your range of motion and flexibility and relieve soreness.

While you’re in for your next service, don’t forget to add on one of our amazing enhancements! We find many of our male guests enjoy adding an arnica oil infusion to help minimize soreness, reduce swelling, and eliminate bruising. You can even add it to your next footbath for the ultimate relaxing beginning to any service.

And don’t forget about body cupping! Olympian Michael Phelps really put body cupping on the map when he debuted cupping marks all over his back at the 2016 Olympics. Body cupping removes toxins and improves blood flow through the veins and arteries. It’s especially useful for athletes to relieve their muscle spasms. It also works wonders for guests with colds, coughs, or the flu.

With a wide variety of services and custom tailored offerings, gone are the days when men only came to spas as half of a couples massage. The International Spa Association reports in its new Consumer Snapshot that 49 percent of spa customers are men, up from 29 percent in 2005. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and book your next appointment today!