Preventing Burnout

Spa Kingston Memberships

This week we wanted to talk about YOU. We can’t seem to say it enough but taking time out of your busy schedule for yourself to nurture your skin, body and mind is so essential to avoiding burn out.  Burnout is one of those road hazards in life that many overachievers need to keep a watchful eye out for. Burnout is a state of chronic stress that can lead to detachment, physical and emotional exhaustion and feelings of ineffectiveness. The signs or symptoms of burnout include fatigue, insomnia, pessimism, isolation, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, anxiety and even anger and depression. If you are experiencing these symptoms this should be your wake up call to take time out and if you aren’t, you should keep these warning signs in mind.

Luckily, Spa Kingston has a built in, hassle free BURNOUT PREVENTION plan and you may have some questions so we took the liberty of answering them right here, right now.

Q: What is Spa Kingston’s auto burnout prevention plan?

A: Our memberships are our anti-burnout secret. We have an array of spa memberships and massage memberships to choose from based upon how many times a month you’d like to come in. By joining our membership plan, you are ensuring that you will be taking time out of yourself each month to come get pampered by our team.

Q: What is your most popular membership to start out with?

A: Our most popular membership guests start out with is our Noble Spa Membership. In the Noble membership, you treat yourself to two rejuvenating spa treatments a month. You get to experience the best of everything since you have the ability to choose two 60 minute services whether it is a body and facial service, two facial services or two body services. You’ll notice the results! It is a total of $200 (that is up to $100 in savings by the way!).

Q: Why not just come in for services?

A: By joining our membership plan, you are ensuring that you will be taking time out of yourself each month to come get pampered by our team. When you get busy and life gets hectic, you may not perceive scheduling your appointment as a priority and then months go by without coming in to Spa Kingston for some necessary self-care. When you come in for your service, our front desk staff can assist you by booking your memberships treatments month by month for up to a year in advance to accommodate your schedule and lock in your burnout prevention time. The membership plan also has a ton of amazing perks including a complimentary service the month of your birthday and complimentary enhancements each month!

Q: Can I purchase a membership for someone I know experiencing burnout?

A: Absolutely! This is actually one of our favorite gift ideas to give to a family member or significant other. It really is the gift that keeps on giving and shows that you want to give the gift of tranquility! We just arrange the payment to be processed with your billing information each month and at any point we can transfer to payment to whoever you are gifting the membership to if they want to continue with their membership services at Spa Kingston. (They may cancel their Spa Membership after the initial 6 month contract without penalty by providing written notice of request at least 30 days prior to their billing date. If they cancel before the contract ends, a cancellation fee of one month will be issued to the card on file. )

We hope to see you Loyal Royals in soon for some much needed time out from hectic daily life!


Spa Kingston