Why We Love Cupping!

Benefits of Cupping San Diego Spa

Happy 2019 Royals! We hope everyone had a relaxing & fun holiday season with their loved ones and that so far, the new year is treating you well!

This week’s blog post is all about one of our favorite enhancements - cupping! *FYI - All Spa Kingston Members receive complimentary facial or body cupping this month with your service! Interested in living royally with us this year? Learn more here.

Cupping has been around for thousands of years and is one of the oldest types of therapy. Here at Spa Kingston, we offer both facial and body massage cupping treatments.

Benefits of Facial Cupping:

  1. Sculpts the Face - Our protocol follows your skin’s facial lines with deliberate movements that give you a more toned, lifted, and sculpted face.

  2. Stimulates Collagen Production - Facial cupping stimulates your collagen production which can help prevent wrinkles.

  3. You’ll See Instant Results - Immediately after a facial cupping session you’ll notice a tighter and plumper face! After our gentle facial cupping protocol, blood circulates more freely in your face and your lymph has drained, no downtown time needed!

  4. Improved Skin Complexion - We’ve already mentioned increased collagen production but multiple facial cupping sessions can diminish fine lines & wrinkles and improve your overall skin complexion.

  5. Relaxes Muscle Tension - Facial cupping at Spa Kingston is a painless and gentle process! You’ll leave feeling refreshed & renewed!

Benefits of Body Massage Cupping:

  1. Helps Reduce Pain - Cupping is known to significantly reduce joint & muscle tension and pain.

  2. Improves Your Immune System - Cupping helps move blood throughout your body while draining your lymphatic system and has been known to help in kicking colds and even reducing allergies.

  3. Enhances Circulation - New blood flow to tissues is always a good thing and with the increased circulation from cupping, tissues soften and regain elasticity.

  4. Reduces Stress & Anxiety - Cupping removes the toxins, impurities, dead cells and other debris from the body. Cells now receive fresh blood full of oxygen & nutrients which allows tissues and muscles to heal and patients to feel stress melting away.

  5. Improves Feelings of Relaxation and Overall Well Being - Body Cupping at Spa Kingston is great for deep tissue work and out guest leave feeling re-energized, relaxed, and ready to take on the world!

What are you waiting for? Book your next appointment and add on either facial or body cupping today!

If you’ve never tried cupping and are curious or have questions, be sure to leave us a comment below. We’d love to help you out!