What To Expect During Your First Facial!

San Diego First Time Facial

We know the beginning of a year is a time for reflection & resolutions which can have many newcomers looking to expand their skincare routine. At Spa Kingston, we love introducing first time guests to the world of self care & skincare!
If you’ve never had a facial before, our Facial Royale is a perfect starting point! This facial is completely customized so it meets your individual skin needs while being a relaxing experience at the same time.
You’ll first be welcomed into the spa where you’ll pick one of our Epicuren Exquisite Gemstone Oils to use during the aromatherapy portion of your service. These oils are each infused with a different crystal so take your time smelling their scents & setting an intention and then pick the oil that’s speaking to you! Many of our guests have a favorite oil that they use each time but some guests also continuously switch it up too depending on how they’re feeling the day of their treatment.
You’ll then head into our relaxation room where you can enjoy a mimosa, glass of champagne, or herb + nectar hot tea, and a variety of snacks while enjoying a warm lavender neck wrap.
Your esthetician will then greet you and take you into your treatment room where you’ll enjoy a warm rose petal foot bath. During your foot bath, your esthetician will conduct a consult going over your skincare goals, your current skincare routine, and they’ll walk through you the facial process while answering any questions you may have. They’ll then leave the room and allow you to undress to your comfort level. You’ll then lay on our heated bed and before you know it, it’s time for your first facial!
The Facial Royale begins with a few deep breaths using the aromatherapy oil that you selected earlier. Then the cleansing process begins where your esthetician will cleanse your face. Hot towels remove any product and then your esthetician will begin to analyze your cleansed & prepped skin. They’ll let you know what they find and suggest a custom treatment plan. They’ll apply your custom tailored enzyme and then perform an arm, shoulder, and hand massage while the enzyme gets to work. Another hot towel removal of products follows and then it’s time for extractions.
Many first time guests are intimidated by extractions but when performed by one of our trained estheticians, there’s nothing to worry about, you’re literally in great hands! While extractions are sometimes uncomfortable, they should never be outright painful and your esthetician will communicate with you throughout the entire process making sure you’re comfortable.
After extractions, your new squeaky clean skin receives a pass of toner before being treated to many of our guests’ favorite part of the facial, a massage with ice globes! Ice globes glide across your skin and then your esthetician will begin the final phase of your facial service.
A foot scrub and lower leg massage is followed by a final facial steaming with hot towels and an upper body shoulder massage. A last facial & scalp massage gets your skin ready for the final products of the facial process including moisturizers and SPF.
You’ll then finish your treatment with another aromatherapy ritual taking deep breaths using the same oil you selected and then your service is over. The esthetician will leave the room and allow you a few minutes to get dressed.
While you’re getting dressed, your esthetician will fill out a Spa Kingston Spascriptive which will detail the skincare routine you all discussed during treatment. Feel free to take a picture so you can remember how to keep your skin looking its best when you get home! They’ll also pull some products from our retail area that can help you keeping your skin looking its best!
We hope by walking through the process, any questions you have about getting a facial were answered but if there’s anything we left out, please let us know by leaving a comment below!
We wish you nothing but great skin & an amazing 2019! See you at the spa soon!