SK Member Spotlight - Tamara K.

Here at Spa Kingston we know we’re honored and truly blessed to have some of the most amazing regulars & members around! This month’s Member Spotlight features long-time member, Tamara K. Tamara is always a joy to see around the spa and we love being her destination for self care!

Spa Kingston Member

Tamara K.

How long have you been a member at Spa Kingston?
Over 5 years. 

What's your favorite service?
I love the deep tissue massage. 

What does having great skin mean to you?
Having great skin means a lot to me since my skin is so sensitive and acne prone.  It means confidence, waking up to clear skin, enjoying looking in the mirror, being able to go make-up free, being able to remain au naturale and flaunt my flawless skin.  I can go on and on.... 😊

What products have you fallen in love with since starting treatment at Spa Kingston?
I really like the Face Reality Toner and moisturizer.  The toner has helped reduce the shine when my skin is oily, and the moisturizer helps moisturize my skin when it's dry. 

What's your favorite part about coming to Spa Kingston?
Definitely the service.  The service at Spa Kingston is like none other.  I truly feel like Royalty when I walk through the door.  I am greeted with a smile, offered a warm neck wrap, offered a beverage.  I love coming to Spa Kingston after a long day at work; it helps me to relax and take the load off.  Even my husband was impressed during his visit. 

What advice do you have for others who may be struggling with their skincare?
Invest in a skincare routine.  Before coming to Spa Kingston, I visited numerous Dermatologists (for over 10 years).  All of which rushed me into purchasing multiple products, conducting trial and error on my skin.  Renee took the time to analyze and understand my skin.  She took a holistic approach.  She asked questions, she made suggestions and recommendations regarding my eating habits, bath, and hair products - all of which may have contributed to my acne.  She treated my skin and cleared my acne before recommending the best products (gradually) for my skin.  She truly cares about skincare and accomplishing the best results for her clients.

What does your skincare routine look like at home?
I'm pretty consistent with my skincare routine.  I use the Face Reality skincare line. I rarely deviate from my routine, and can clearly see the difference that it has made in my skin.

What are your self care goals for 2019?
Continue to care for my skin, pamper myself with massages and me time.  I have also carved out time to meditate in the morning.  I've found that I am able to respond better when I meditate, rather than reacting to things.

”I am honored to be a member of the Spa Kingston family.  It is a true joy coming to the spa and being pampered.  The staff is AMAZING, and truly understands how to make their clients feel special.  Thanks for letting me share!” - Tamara K.

If you’re interested in learning more about all the benefits of a Spa Kingston membership and are ready to “Live Royally”, check out more info here.